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Made in Cloister is one of the winners


Hic sunt Dracones by Francesco Bertelè, the winning project of the Made in Cloister Foundation for Italian Council

The Made in Cloister Foundation is one of the winners of the 4th edition of Italian Council, a project launched by General Direction of Contemporary Arts and Architectures and Urban Suburbs of Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali. The project aim to promote the production and the knowledge of contemporary italian artworks in the visual arts.

The winning project is Hic sunt Dracones by Francesco Bertelè (Canzo 1978).

The title is suggested by the latin phrase Hic sunt Dracones used in the ancient geographic maps to locate unexplorated areas, generally african areas. The meaning of the phrase was supposed to remaind to a sense of danger for the unknown.

The project, curated by Chiara Pirozzi, is made by a complex process of reserach, exploration and data collection in Lampedusa island. Bertelé is crossing for the first time the horizontal cliffin the northen side of the island.

The outcome of this work will be a multimedial exhibition.

Hic sunt Dracones will be part of a permanent collection of the Madre Museum in Naples. Around the artwork there will be a series of presentation and studies in Italy and abroad. In fact the project will be exhibited in some of the spaces of the AV Node Foundation in Amsterdam and in Gallerie Costiere di Pirano in Slovenia and in venue of Made in Cloister Foundation.


Francesco Bertelè

Is artistic director of
Some of his collective exhibitions
AndarXPorte, Palazzo Archinto, curated by ArtCityLab, Milan;
A house, halfway, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo [2017];
La fine del mondo, Centro Luigi Pecci per l'arte contemporanea, Prato [2016];
Making Sense, Fondazione Palazzo Pretorio, Cittadella (PD) [2015];
men & animals, 3rd Land Art Biennial LAM 360°, Mongolia [2014];
Sinopale IV (Sinop Biennale), Turchey;
The Wordly House, by Tue Greenfort, dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel [2012];
Some of his solo exhibitions
L'amoureuse initiation, Unità d'artista, Galleria Rossana Ciocca, Milan [2017];
Seminerò perle di principessa in una caverna, curated by Gabi Scardi, NCTM studio Legale, Milan [2016];
Guha, Center for Visual Art, East Iceland;
Centocapre "looking for yule goats", Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo [2015];
Centocapre, Associazione Vincenzo de Luca, Latronico (PZ) [2015];
From my studio to my studio, curated by Chiara Pirozzi, Dino Morra arte contemporanea, Napoli [2014].
​Francesco Bertelè is artistic director of, a cultural Bivouac that aims to exist in the most extreme conditions. It is projected in terms of environmental sustainability, able to host in his location audience and cultural events. The space is equiped with avantguarde audio/video technology and it provides an utter and concentrated experience.
The artist was the creator of Carrozzeria Margot, with which he directed: CM start up, Viafarini DOCVA [2013]; Via Padova altrove, Swiss Institute, Milano [2012]; A shop is a shop..., Artissima Lido, Torino [2011]; Collecting Identities: I stay therefore we are , per Osloo progetto di FOS, Danish Pavillion, 54^ Biennale di Venezia [2011]. Francesco Bertelè was also the founder of Mobeel- Cultural Association [2005-2010, Venice].

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