The Withness of the Body di Laurie Anderson. Disponibile il Catalogo della mostra

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05 Giu 2017

Il catalogo “The Withness of the Body” è disponibile e in vendita presso la Fondazione Made in Cloister. 


All’interno numerosi contenuti inediti scritti da Demetrio Paparoni, Jumpa Lahiri e Anne Carson e una conversazione inedita con Laurie Anderson.

 “Laurie Anderson’s narrative drawings wander through timeless locations beyond the map, beyond time of this world trough the bardo state meander trough the renaissance of old master assurdness on a gient scale of sienna crayon and reflection of teh body and stroke af the arm wielding the fuy of unknowing horrors and knowing compassion seraching for a true compass navigaing a lost love and the path for her dog, Lolabelle, beyond plae, strung to the ramparts of imagination an wishful thinking and wadded to the unknowing traveling in time to this cloister including tim, beyond time to map out life and deaths journey”. Julian Schnabel

144 pagine in lingua inglese e italiano. Prezzo 30,00 euro

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