Restaurant / Café

The Cloister Bar& restaurant is the space inside the Foundation situated in the Refettorio that Made in Cloister has dedicated to the drink and food with particular reference to the Neapolitan  cuisine.

Aperitifs, drinks, organic juices and many other products carefully selected by Sabrina among the small local productions respecting the tradition and quality to offer you a pleasant break and during your visit.

The Cloister Bar  and the Foundation  can host meetings, presentations and reviews for any further information and booking please contact Sabrina Russo at

The furnishings of the Cloister Bar are made by the Bottega Made in Cloister: tables, chairs, sofas and stools designed by the NY designer Chris Rucker and made by Neapolitan artisans (Andrea Amato, Raffaele Sorrentino and El Bachri Noreddine) under the artistic curatorship of the Lot-Ek studio in New York.

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