Porta Capuana Neighbourhood

The Porta Capuana neighbourhood is one of Naples’s areas with the greatest potential for urban regeneration and development because of its location, the wealth of historical and cultural heritage, as well as its strategic position.

Made in Cloister created the cultural programme and of the urban regeneration project to enhance the area and improve the neighbourhood’s quality of life.

“ It is not well to find Saint Giles’s so repulsive, and the Porta Capuana so attractive. A pair of naked legs and a ragged red scarf, do not make all the difference between what is interesting and what is coarse and odious? Painting and poetising for ever, if you will, the beauties of this most beautiful and lovely spot of earth, let us, as our duty, try to associate a new picturesque with some faint recognition of man’s destiny and capabilities; more hopeful, I believe, among the ice and snow of the North Pole, than in the sun and bloom of Naples. “

Charles Dickens 1844.